Why should I sell my house to you for cash?

Selling to us you pay NO commission, in fact, we will pay ALL settlement costs and take your property “as-is”- no fix-ups, cleanups, no fuss. You can even leave items in the house you no longer want. We will take care of disposing it for you. We will make the process easy for you, legal, and bankable. We mean what we say.

How do I sell my home through KIG?

Simple! Call or email us for a free estimate. We will make decision on how much we are willing to pay based on public records, information gathered from you, current condition, and location of your home. Next, we will schedule a time to come out and see your home. We handle all arrangements for settlement, saving you time, hassles, and most importantly, money. Best of all, we can make this happen as quickly as 30 days, so you can move ahead with your future plans.

Is there a fee to work with Kimber Investment Group?

There is no fee. You get money the day of settlement.

Do you actually pay cash?

What we mean by “cash” is there are no loan contingencies, so we can settle quickly and you will have a check at closing. Certainly, you don’t want to walk around with that much cash in your possession.

Is there any type of inspection that will need to be done?

No formal inspections will take place. No termite reports, no radon reports, no lead paint reports, none. What we see is what we get.

What if I just wanted to sell my home the traditional way and list through an agent?

Good news! We have experienced licensed agents who can advise of the current market and walk you through the steps of preparing, pricing and marketing your home to yield top value on the open market.   

Can KIG also help me find a house?

Yes we absolutely can! Depending on the type of home you want to purchase and how you intend to utilize the property (i.e.: primary residence or investment property) you would work with one of our experienced licensed real estate agents or an off-market specialist.  


Why should I buy properties from another investor?

You should not – unless you do not have the time and resources to find deeply discounted properties on your own. We realize that KIG is not the only source where investors can find deals, but we want to be a TRUSTED source for you. When you consider one of our wholesale properties, you have our guarantee that we have provided you with the most accurate information we have available and will work with you to help you be successful.

Where do you find your deals?

We have numerous sources for finding great deals. We have strong relationships within the real estate industry and with key individuals who understand the value we provide in assisting when a property needs to be sold quickly and with no hassle. In addition, we have a very targeted marketing program that focuses on finding motivated sellers who seek the professional home-buying solutions KIG offers.

How can you help me get started?

Any investor KIG works with is treated with professionalism and respect. If we sell you a property, we want you to achieve your financial goals as well as provide us with the opportunity to do more business with you. As a result, we take an active role in your investment activities when we sell you a property. From finding you the right property to providing resources and guidance with the rehab process, Trusted Property Group is there for you. Finally, we advise you on the best avenues for your respective exit strategy. We do not charge for any of the resources, guidance, or advice we provide to you. This is part of helping you to be successful with your real estate investments.

Can you help me secure funding to purchase your properties?

We have access to a number of private money lenders and hard money lenders if you do not have ready cash. By working with Kimber Investment Group, you can secure reasonable terms: around 3-5 points, 13%-15% interest, with a loan maturity ranging from 6-12 months.